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The Ultimate Guide To High Sleeper Beds

If you're looking for a bed that can help you save floor space, particularly in a smaller bedroom, then high sleeper beds are a great option. They are also multi-functional and can look super stylish in rooms for children of all ages.

Learn more about this type of children's bed and discover whether it might be the perfect bed for your child…

What is a high sleeper bed?

A high sleeper is a bed with a raised sleeping area and a large space underneath that can be used for storage, playing, lounging or working.

Oftentimes, the space underneath the bed is left empty so that you can use it for your own specific needs and change things around as your child grows. However, there are high sleeper beds that are made with specific fixtures underneath to accommodate certain needs and requirements.
For example, it could have a built-in desk so that your child can do their homework, wardrobes and cupboards for storing clothes and toys, or a sofa for lounging and reading.

High sleepers are elevated quite a distance off the ground so, for safety reasons, they are usually only suitable for children aged 6+ but can work in a child's room up until they are in their late teens.

Why choose a high sleeper bed?

High sleepers are a practical option for smaller rooms where space is limited, especially for children who have toys, clothes, books etc. and still need room to play.
Being that the sleeping area is elevated off of the ground, the floor space that would normally be taken up by a bed is now left empty and can be used for other purposes besides sleeping.

Here at Anderson's Themes and Dreams, we have a small range of high sleeper beds made to fulfil almost every need possible.
We have a Playhouse High Sleeper Bed that makes perfect use of the empty space as a play area, a High Sleeper Gaming Bed for children who want to use the space to watch TV or play video games, and a High Sleeper Study Bed with a built-in desk.
All our high sleepers can be made with our infamous drawer stairs which make further use of every inch of space available by incorporating hidden storage in the stairs that provide access to the bed.

We can also take bespoke orders and create a custom high sleeper bed if you have a different design or requirement in mind.

How to choose the right high sleeper bed for your child

The most important thing when it comes to purchasing a high sleeper bed is safety. The sleeping area is raised quite a distance from the ground, so if your child were to fall from the bed, the injuries would be far more severe than that of a low sleeper, or even mid-sleeper, bed.
Hence, you need to ensure that the frame is sturdy and solid and that there is a stable and secure bed rail preventing your child from rolling out of the bed.

Then, you'll need to think about the purpose that you want the bed to serve aside from just being a nice space to sleep.
If you are buying for a younger child, 6-10 years old, then you may want to use the space as a play area and keep it empty so that you can adapt it as they grow up; whereas, older children 10+ might need the space for studying or watching TV.

If your child's room is on the smaller side and you are limited for space, then high sleeper beds are a perfect space saving solution in this instance as you can use the empty space under the bed for storage units. You can install drawers, cupboards and shelving for all your child's clothing and toys so that the rest of the room can be left free of furniture giving your child more room to play.

Once you have identified what need you must fulfil with this bed, you can then start thinking about the design and colour – the fun stuff!

At Anderson's Themes and Dreams, we have some High Sleeper Bed designs available for you to choose from and customise to your heart's desire, or you can let your imagination run wild with our bespoke bed service.
If you've got an original design that you want to bring to life, or you have a child who is obsessed with animals or a particular TV show, then we can design and build a bed unlike any other, and within ten weeks, they will receive their brand-new high sleeper bed.

To discuss your requirements, whether it's size, colour, style or design, then call us today on 0121 348 7815 or email us at

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