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Space Saving Ideas For Your Child’s Bedroom

The ever-growing piles of clothes, the rapidly increasing number of toys, the sheer volume of books and games – there seems to be no end to the number of things a child owns that ends up needing a place to store in their room.
It can be overwhelming for any parent/guardian to find space in their child’s bedroom for all these belongings without leaving the room looking cluttered and messy.
Therefore, it’s important to find ways to maximise storage space and save room in your child’s bedroom.

Here are some tips, tricks and methods that you should try in 2020:

Make the most of wall space

When floor space is limited, and ideally you want to keep that clear so your child has room to play, the next best option is wall space.

Utilise as much of your wall space as possible by purchasing vertical storage, such as bookcases and tall chests of drawers, and shelving which also allows you to display ornaments and pictures to really dress up the room.

Another benefit of this type of storage is that you can keep certain things out of reach from your child including toys that you don’t want them to have access to without your permission/assistance.

A time and place for everything

Ask yourself the following question: does everything currently in my child’s room really need to be there right now?

For example, we’re in Winter which means that Spring/Summer clothing, like dresses, shorts and sandals, aren’t needed now and won’t be required for another three months or more. Instead of keeping all of your child’s out of season clothes in their room 12 months a year, why not pack those items away and store them in your loft/garage and them switch them out when they are back in season.

This might also be the case for some of their toys; you might be better off finding a home for some of these things elsewhere in the house or stored away and rotated around every couple of months. This is also a great way to encourage your child to play with toys that may be neglected or forgotten.

Kid’s beds with additional storage space

The best space-saving solution for a child’s bedroom starts with their bed. It’s a piece of furniture that has to live in their room, but it takes up the most floor space – well, not any more.

There are several types of beds available for children that will take up no floor space at all, including high sleepers and cabin beds.
These styles of bed are elevated off the ground leaving room underneath the bed for things such as drawers, cupboards, desks, seating or just empty space that can be utilised as a play area.

For children who share a room, the most convenient type of bed is a bunk bed which can be made as a triple or quad for three or four children. This enables you to have multiple children in one room without taking up double or triple the space just for beds.

We also use other design features on our beds to increase storage space in your child’s room including drawer stairs, drawers and trundles underneath low sleepers and bunk beds, and shelving units attached to, or within, the beds.
This allows you to hide away all your child’s belongings and provide them with a safe and stylish place to sleep all in one.

Other kid’s furniture that can double as storage

It isn’t just your child’s bed that can incorporate storage solutions in convenient and stylish ways, there is a lot of bedroom furniture on the market that does this too.

You can get desks that double as a bedside table, footstools that open to reveal storage space and toy boxes that can be used as seating. It’s a great way to save money and save on space in your child’s room.

Bespoke beds for awkward spaces

Not all bedrooms are made equal. Rooms come in all shapes and sizes, some even with stair boxes or chimney breasts acting as an obstacle, which means that finding the right bed for your child is not always straight forward.
If your child’s room is an awkward shape or layout, or just particularly small, then we can work with you to create a bespoke bed that will fit perfectly and still look great and remain functional.

There are almost no limitations when it comes to the designs or styles, and we can even go as small as a shorty size bed, so that your little one can have a beautiful, dream bed no matter where it needs to fit.
To find out more about this service, please email us at

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